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International Conference on Remote Sensing for Disaster Management – 2017 (ICRSDM – 2017) 11th.13th OCTOBER 2017 Visakhapatnam


When we hear about disaster, it creates panic in our minds. The natural disasters are the killer agents which
can/can’t be predicted with the modern technology. Every year, in one place or another, disasters are devastating the area and surroundings, leading to ecological disruption besides huge loss of life and property. India is vulnerable to cyclones, landslides, heat waves, earthquakes, floods, droughts, forest fires, and epidemics after natural disas­ters. The 5700 km long coast of India, with its dense population and industrial activities, is vulnerable to cyclones/tsunamis, etc. Similarly, 2400 km long Hima­layan belt is vulnerable to landslides and earthquakes. We are achieving a lot in Science and Technology,however, we are unable to control disasters. Technology driven mock drills should be implemented in vulnerable areas. The capacity building coupled with modern technology results in reduction of loss of life and property. There­ fore, concerted efforts are necessary towards motivation, planning and management. Geospatial technology is one of the decision making tools which provides necessary inputs for understanding spatiotemporal variations and better management. In view of this, a three-day international conference is being orga­nized to bring together academicians, scientists, adminis­trators, NGOs and students to deliberate on various aspects of the disasters.