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DECEMBER 5, 2020

mora companion batoning

The piece of wood should have a bit of heft so the mass of the baton does the work. Have a timer going. Dec 19, 2010 #15. wmc1982. Both feature 4.1-inch blades, high friction rubber handles, and molded plastic belt sheaths. I would get the tent up and dive inside. The broken blade can become embedded within the split and impossible to get out. Perfect for batoning! A Membership is required to post in the forums. After sharpening the Mora easily handles trimming of meats and slices up tomatoes with no slippage and readily cuts into various fabrics, paper, cardboard and rubber tubing. The Scandi grind is easy to sharpen because there is no secondary bevel. I baton some with my Companion HD. My real concern is having a bunch of young kids waving large knives around. A. Yes, I understand about teaching the Scouts HOW to light a fire. Is it less wide then the full blade? I have battoned a 511 on a daily basis this fall and winter splitting up kindling for the wood stove, and there has been some pretty heavy duty battoning in there, it is fine. I admit, the putty knife lacks a certain elegance. Hint: while a grinder is great for the rough shape and making any finger grips, I really like a belt sander (a large one on a stand) to put the bevel on a blade. Two kids cut themselves, not seriously, in a year. The Mora Companion Heavy Duty is a powerful tool for bushcrafters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The Mora Companion, IMHO, is one of the best inexpensive knives on the market, and a perfect choice for a newcomer. Mora Companion Stainless. I think mine was a rare defect. For batoning the knife needs great strength requirements: This Morakniv Heavy … The axe is usually the tool of choice to split wood in order to access dry wood inside a wet branch or log. The … I honestly don't think it will ever break from moderate batonning. Why batoning? Another pound of sleeping bag (i.e. The Companion uses Morakniv’s simple, old plastic affair that holds the knife in with tension between it and the rubber grip. The Companion does a better job with food prep, while the HD seems to do bushcrafting chores a bit easier. Tools and materials Though it’s not full tang, I’m not afraid of batoning with it…And apparently, it’s not afraid of batoning tasks either. :). You must log in or register to reply here. In a survival situation a strong fixed-blade knife can be carefully used to split the wood using the knife as a wedge. LNT is great and I like that my kids’ school did that during their 2-night environmental camp, and it’s mostly how my family camps/backpacks. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. … Oh, we have done plenty of that. :-)). Having them in rotation actually works well for the nature of the project. BSA Scout Handbook. The Mora Companion Heavy Duty is a powerful tool for bushcrafters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Dry clothes, sleeping bag, stove, hot drink. That’s just camping in bad weather. Most of the time, only the outer 2 to 3 mm of wood are wet. If the knife you intend to use does not have a synthetic material handle, to reduce the felt vibrations, handles can be covered with synthetic material like bicycle inner tube. For the training, why not let the scouts use the knives you or other adults have on hand – they shouldn’t buy a knife for training that they may not be allowed to take to summer camp or on certain treks. I've used my Mora Companion to baton several times. I would get the tent up and dive inside. Differentiating survival and bushcraft schools and instructors utilize what’s more support the Companion … I know I travel a little lighter knowing how to start a camp fire, use pine boughs for insulation, etc, in a pinch. Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft 101, 2014, Wow. In a survival situation, this could be catastrophic. Wow Ken. This technique is called batoning because a baton or piece of wood used to strike the tip of the knife. I also demonstrated to them that you could baton with a knife from an everyday table setting. Roger Q. To Roger’s LNT point, I heartily agree but the issue today at our local council is that the Scouts do so much fireless camping, they do not really know how to build a fire.

Sheath Knives

yes. The blade is 3.2 mm thick (0.125 inches) instead of 2.5 mm. The BSA believes choosing the right equipment for the job at hand is the best answer to the question of what specific knife should be used. Mora … I can only afford the ones that are about $15, but they hold up well. The tools used in our batoning exercise are: 1) a strong, fixed-blade knife with a full- or three quarter-tang, 2) the baton to strike the knife’s spine and tip, and 3) a pruning saw to make the baton and prep the wood. The high carbon steel version is particularly easy to sharpen and holds a nice edge. OT1H, that’s a lot of work if it’s done by one father – all that cutting and grinding and sharpening. Because I have two extra ones lying around due to a mix-up on my part with a MassDrop order (man!, they take a long time to ship!) Your Mora will be safe if you do this (not my vid): crookedknife broke the blade of his Mora. The mora 2/0 weighs around 2oz and is a great option. The Mora Companion is doubtlessly a legend among the most clearly valued and proposed edges among those related with bushcrafting or other outside wild exercises. Thickness: 0.13 in. I will say that I far prefer the standard Companion over the HD. We did consider just adopting the local boy scout camp policy of folders only, but enough of the  adults who’d been there as scouts assured me that they’d all brought big, scary knives despite the rules, and they’d just gone out in the woods and done stupid stuff the whole time, unsupervised, it didn’t make sense to replicate that level of silliness at the troop level. Other recommendations? I'm not saying it can't be done, or they can do anything, but as long as I have not asked it to do more than it could do, I have always gotten spectacular use from them. That’s not what I would call a survival situation Roger. Dry clothes, sleeping bag, stove, hot drink. By way of explanation: for the last hour or so we had been on the side of a mountain, and there was NOWHERE to even bivy. Morakniv Bushcraft $45. It's only a Mora. Home › Forums › Scouting › Backpacking Light with Scouts › Morakniv Companion for Scouts to practice batoning with. (Just like the axe yard at Scout camp.) Suitable for batoning, the Companion Heavy Duty features a thick, 1/8-inch (3.2mm) carbon steel blade … The spine is the straight top of the knife. Many of the Scouts already own a couple of pocket knives, many with 2.5, 3 or 3.5 inch blades. A sturdy craft knife or bushcraft knife will work. We haven’t had any knife related bleeding in three years. What's better than a knife? All the reasons I’ve heard for having the “folders only” rule for camp sound like tall tales. And where/when does a person learn those skills anymore, if not in a group like Scouts? Pointing some ends on a hardwood dowel (basswood) the Mora … I have a Morikniv HighQ Robust, but prefer my Fallkniven F1 even though it’s a little heavier. I thought there was a rule against fixed blade knives and the length of blades, but this morning I found this on While I know the Mora has a deep rat tail tang embedded in the handle, I was curious if anyone has ever had it fail? Who is going to try to light a fire under those conditions? At $70 mora knife?? We built a bunch of fires in the rain Saturday and I was thinking it would be great to have included some splitting of small branches to find dry wood inside to make tinder. None of this is to say I don’t like my Companions. My son likes his Morikniv with the built in firesteel (sold by lightmyfire). Get the Morakniv Companion HD instead of the regular Companion. Truthfully, I haven't been able to discover many videos on youtube entailing Mora fails. They are really as much knife as you need 95% of the time. Examples: Morakniv Companion, Stainless Steel, $12. A fixed blade is actually much safer. Raw material: Bring one or two pieces of relatively straight pieces of wood with few or no knots. I like them a lot. Sue was so cold inside the tent she could not get her wet clothing off: I had to peel it off her. Knives: For creating kindling and tinder, any full or three-quarter tang fixed-blade knife with a 3.5- to 5.5-inch blade works. Obtain the wood from downed hardwood wood (oak, maple, bay) in your neighborhood or volunteer to trim a tree branch for your parents. For our Scouts, we recommend the 511 for everybody. The Scouts do not. I’m going to disagree with Roger on the LNT thing. ANY sleeping bag! Hey all! OTOH, it would be a fabulous project for the boys to make. Look up the tang of the naked blades or X-rays of them people have taken. This isn't a survivalist forum, you don't need a bombproof knife for … Fwiiw, I would much prefer to teach them how to baton with a FIXED blade rather than a folder. With a blade length of just over 4 inches and an … If you look at the grip, you’ll … You could use a small blacksmiths club hammer on the back of it. I had two Moras from BPLer David in Alaska (Thanks again david!) You can break the blade by striking the spine of the knife at an angle. If it gets lost, not so many tears. I have used many knives to baton wood for fire prep, several are Moras. I have one fixed knife that would work. For wilderness survival workshops it is great to show what a fixed blade knife will do, but if the council or camp has restrictions we need to be clear that the Scout should abide by those rules after the workshop. Bruce: PM sent. I'm thinking about getting a Mora Bushcraft orange. Overall: 9.0 in. Sure, at first. “But in a survival situation I would not bother with a fire. The Mora Heavy Duty MG Companion knife has an extra-large ergonomic handle with a texturized, high-friction rubber grip, meaning it's usable even in wet conditions. Warning: these knives can arrive very sharp from the factory. This Mora product is accompanied with a plastic military green sheath with a belt clip attached. Hardwood causes more stress to the knife than softwood. Batoning Batoning is essential for obtaining dry wood inside of logs, or for splitting wood into smaller pieces used for kindling. However, I always read volumes about how people suggest to only baton with a full tang blade. This knife is the heavy duty version. Dave Canterbury, “Knife Safety Part 1,” The parents are SO busy I need to forego any serious DIY projects. I baton my Moras all the time (760 "Triflex" blades) Having said that though, I've seen two break in the field: One was a laminate wood-handled knife w/3.5 inch blade. PM me. Never at the handle. No. Once that occurs a full tang thick knife will probably bear up better, but my partial rat tail Moras have never broken on me and they have many miles on them. This event would not be for a several weeks so I have time to gather materials. What we have here are two stainless steel, budget-friendly bushcraft blades. Firemaking: The new 90° spine that Mora is putting on their knives is excellent! David. JavaScript is disabled. I think all the posters already know how to build a fire and ignite it with 1 or 2 matches and no artificial tinder. I whomped on it pretty good, and it's just fine. The Wilderness Survival MB requires each Scout demonstrate basic proficiency in making fire with three different types of ignition. Hi David Not too mention, they had a lot of FUN building the fires Saturday in the rain. The Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty MG fixed blade knife is a powerful tool for bushcrafters, hunters and outdoorsmen. Then I control the knives. Blade: 4.3 in. I hope they are exposed to both traditional and LNT skills and knowledge, given a strong conservation ethos, and directed to use higher-impact approaches only in appropriate areas (and emergencies). All the moras I've seen broken were not the fault of the tang design but from breaking in the middle of the blade. The part that I think is particularly relevant is “The BSA believes choosing the right equipment for the job at hand is the best answer to the question of what specific knife should be used.”. A “PIF”, possibly delivered 2,163 miles to your doorstep. And you’re probably glad you have those skills, even if you hope/prefer to not use them. To test sharpness, try cutting paper or a vegetable. I have always followed the advice I received from my grandfather-Never let the wood bind up against the junction of the handle and the blade as it creates a leverage point that will stress the tang there. The blade is 3.2 mm thick (0.125 inches) instead of 2.5 mm. Many thanks to David Thomas for the gift of two Mora Companions! The times I’ve found a fire really helpful is not when everyone was being hammered, but when some of party had gotten cold, wet and/or completely soaked. Personally, I would recommend teaching LNT and skipping the fires. Please show them what damage a wildfire can do as well. I go for the Morakniv over Roger’s putty knife…lol. Mora ships the Companion with a Scandinavian or “Scandi” grind. The blade is thicker than the normal Companion, perfect for any sort of outdoor use and batoning. It’s useful knowledge. … I guess that teaching them some common sense about the hazards might be good. There’s a new, muscular feel to the handl… 40 years later, I still go a bit overboard on those steps and almost never have to frantically rush to fiddle with a fire once it’s lit. It’s not a ‘putty knife’, it’s a ‘putty removal knife’. Tutorial Videos: Dave Canterbury, “Batoning Wood with Your Knife,” . Everyone is limited to 10 seconds of grinding before they cool their piece in water, dry it off, AND PLAN AND MARK THEIR NEXT EFFORT. I was on a 8-day trip at 8,000 feet and got some colder-than-expected weather while going SUL (by 1983 metrics). The 1 and 2 have fl tang but may not be for you. I have never broken a Mora. You can baton it just fine, just don't wail on it. The edge is ground at a more blunt (stronger) angle. It takes it like a champ. And to only take folders to summer camp, as the camp has it’s own requirements. Besides maybe tolerating a little more batoning, I don’t see what the HD can do that the standard Companion … Before the current craze of custom bushcrafting knives the Mora was KING. On paper, the biggest difference is cost. I've busted up both green and seasoned pine, cherry, oak, hickory, madrone, willow, birch, maple, etc with my carbon companion. The knife has a much thicker, 3.2mm high-carbon steel blade with a high load capacity, meaning it's a good choice of knife for Bushcraft tasks such as batoning … Morakniv Garberg. There are some legitimate concerns in the troop about cost of gear (A scout is frugal after all!). The link to the post above where it broke in the middle when baton through a spiral grained section of wood would have broken if the tang was "full" or not. Lined them up, gave them each a box of matches, showed both of them how to hold the match for striking, and got them to light their matches at the same time. If you want to baton firewood, get something with a bit of guts – like this: Membership Sales & Support: 406-640-HIKE (406-640-4453) |, Morakniv Companion for Scouts to practice batoning with,,,,, Our Lightweight Gear Recommendations for REI Members, Backpacking Courses, Webinars & Other Events. No prying or anything like that. If 9 year olds can manage it…. After that – no problems with matches! Sometimes in the rainy season, it is very difficult if not impossible to find dry wood for kindling (and tinder). And when one has time to prepare. The BSA neither encourages nor bans fixed-blade knives nor do we set a limit on blade length.… Thanks everyone. Mora has since come out with a full tang knife for bushcraft. If you touch the edge with your finger, you risk cutting yourself. Never broken one myself, but the ones i have seen break were always at the tip or middle of the blade. The edge is ground at a more blunt (stronger) angle. I too learnt in the Boy Scouts with a ‘2 match & no paper’ rule. 173. Roger: Totally agree that often the best response is to hunky down in a sleeping bag in a tent. A 48-inch stake could make five 9.5″ full-tang knives: 5-inch grip, 4.5-inch blade. Troop 30: Beyond the Wilderness Survival MB. My stainless Companion is my dedicated snorkeling/diving knife. Then the fully functional humans can build fires for the hypothermic ones. Since that time I've beaten the snot out of some other moras that I have with no ill effect. But I bet Roger could get a good fire going if he needed to warm up in a survival situation. Many of the other Scouting activities are patrol activities so many Scouts never get any experience. Altogether, its full weight, with sheath, comes to 3.9 ounces. What is the official BSA regulation on carrying sheath knives? Thoughts? But it seemed extreme. Most them do not own a fixed blade. I could do the demonstration, and then split them into three teams. The wood should be 2 to 3 inches in diameter hardwood or softwood (pine, fir) and at least 12 inches long. I would also only do this with Scouts who already hold the sharp edged tool safety Totin Chip badge. Putting the tent stakes in was tricky too. I am not worried about batoning mine. Known for decades for quality knives at reasonable prices Mora is a recommendation of survival experts the world over. The Morakniv Companion is certainly a good reasonably priced option. ... Mora Companion HD ~ 200 g. Not necessarily ultralight, but pretty light for a capable knife. It was due to the thickness of the blade, a Robust/Bushcraft version would probably not have broken. Thus, the ideal batoning knife will also have a synthetic material handle. Sheath included. You get more leverage and less stress on the knife by hitting the tip. I have not had occasion to use it for batoning … The knife: For small branches 2 to 3 inches in diameter suitable to split into kindling, you need a fixed blade knife with a 3.5 to 4.5 inch blade. by … My first thought was to go to Goodwill and buy the more substantial kitchen knives and shorten them on a grinder to some reasonable length: 3 to 5 inches for the blade. Batoning probably isn't the right word for what I was doing as I was lightly tapping the blade a small distance into the husk of … Failing that, I woud teach other methods of fire lighting. Step through 60-grit, 100-, 150-, etc. I broke a mora 2000 a while back with some very mild batoning. If you are looking for a cheaper Mora knife that can handle heavier duty tasks, then the Companion Heavy Duty Knife will be a good option. that I could send you or maybe even drop off next weekend (I might be in the SFBA). The grind of the blade refers to the shape of the blade’s metal as it tapers to the cutting edge. Stainless steel blades keep their edge longer but are more difficult to sharpen and are of course “stainless.” Beginners should buy stainless steel. Leave No Trace: Boy Scouts do not take wood from live trees in the backcountry or in nature preserves unless it is a true survival situation. Real Steel 02RE030 - Best mora knife for bushcraft. The other was a "clipper", which is the old name for these: buy two; when one breaks don't hit the other one quite so hard. Knife safety: Circle of blood, triangle of death, work positions, etc. Been there a few times, in snow or hail storms, and I know which one works for us. They split all the wood and kindling. I taught both my kids at a young age about fire safety with matches the ‘experiential’ way. Stepping up from those options, most concrete stakes are now round, unlike the flat ones of my childhood, but I see a few listings for them on the web. Hit a folder in the wrong place and it can fold up. Materials cost of $2/knife. The only rules we have for knives are: you need your totin chip; knives have to meet state legal requirements; you better have it on you. I bet Roger could get a good fire going if he needed to warm up in a survival situation. I'm looking at the Morakniv Companion, high carbon, regular (0.10" wide blade) or heavy duty (0.125" wide blade) both 4.1" long. Maybe the most substantial table knives could be made to work. hat’s just camping in bad weather. In fact, nearly all broken moras would have broken if full tang. Are you offering a gift of the Mora knives or a sale? My biggest use of Batoning … In my mind we are teaching scouts to handle future situations, but also to respect any rules a camp or council/district may have. If going that route, wear gloves for sure – some are tempered to hold an edge longer but can be brittle compared to a milder steel. Make a couple of wedges. Hazards: Do not use a folding knife. As long as you aren't trying to baton through tree trunks, and you match the tool to the job, you should be fine. And no running around at home with a fixed blade. Get our Handbook - the resource you need to make intelligent decisions about gear, safety, comfort, and pack weight. The overall length has been stretched from 8.6-inches to 8.8, with a weight gain of 0.7-ounces swinging the scale up to a total of 4.8-ounces. Carbon steel knives are easier to sharpen and work better with firesteel than stainless steel blades but can stain especially when exposed to acidic foods. Something for everyone: Basic, Premium, and Unlimited Membership options available. 3 knives! As others said it can happen breaking one but it's rare usual from abuse more than anything. Wow Mora says “suitable for batoning”. Subscribe here. Hence the exercise. A must-have knife for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and survival/emergency preparedness, the Moraniv Companion has a blade length of 4.1 inches (104 mm), blade thickness of 0.1 inch (2.5 mm), … Ya shouldn't have any issues I've also used the 511 and various other moras everything from fruitwoods to dead dry oak with ease. So after reading some reviews and checking prices, it looks like the $12 (Amazon) Morakniv Companion might do the trick. Batoned with my Bushcraft Orange without hesitation. Mine are the thicker models like the Robust. Yes I have my concerns too. Sticking to the OP’s question, the Companion is a really nice knife and capable of sustaining lots of abuse., Huh. And for this application, you’re basically making an axe, not a shaving razor. It is okay as a camp knife–doing decent in some slicing tasks and food prep, but I prefer a shorter fixed blade in this role, something like the Mora Companion or the Fallkniven F1.

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