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DECEMBER 5, 2020

nursing outlook authors

Each issue examines current issues and trends in nursing practice, education and research, offering progressive solutions to the challenges facing the profession. Citation of a reference as 'in press' implies that the item has been accepted for publication. Please note that incorrect surnames, journal/book titles, publication year and pagination may prevent link creation. AU - Pesut, Daniel J. EditorMarion E. Broome, PhD, RN, FAANDean and Vice Chancellor for Nursing Affairs, Duke University School of NursingAssociate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Duke University Health SystemSchool of Nursing, Duke UniversityDUMC 3322, 307 Trent Dr.Durham. Authors who have video or animation files that they wish to submit with their article are strongly encouraged to include links to these within the body of the article. Reference links Increased discoverability of research and high quality peer review are ensured by online links to the sources cited. An e-mail will be sent to the corresponding author confirming receipt of the manuscript together with a 'Journal Publishing Agreement' form or a link to the online version of this agreement. Each issue examines current issues and trends in nursing practice, education, and research, offering progressive solutions to the challenges facing the profession. If the manuscript has already been published in an online issue, any requests approved by the Editor will result in a corrigendum. The Body Image Behaviours Inventory-3: Development and validation of the Body Image Compulsive Actions and Body Image Avoidance Scales. Karen Donelan | Catherine M. DesRoches | Sophia Guzikowski | Robert S. Dittus | Peter Buerhaus. In addition, pilot studies or those with small samples are generally not appropriate for publication in Nursing Outlook. Ensure consistency of abbreviations throughout the article. Unless you have written permission from the patient (or, where applicable, the next of kin), the personal details of any patient included in any part of the article and in any supplementary materials (including all illustrations and videos) must be removed before submission. Authors are to ensure that all references used in the manuscripts are from reputable sources. These would include studies reporting small scale evaluations of a teaching strategy or intervention with a clinical population. This section should conclude with a purpose statement. N2 - The traditional nursing process has changed over time, and contemporary trends and forces suggest that another transformation of the nursing process is needed. Please note that your article will be reviewed again by the new journal. Color artwork Please make sure that artwork files are in an acceptable format (TIFF (or JPEG), EPS (or PDF), or MS Office files) and with the correct resolution. The authors note in the editorial, "This caregiving summit taps into a strong societal health challenge, catalyzes an essential conversation, and provides guideposts for moving forward as caregiving occupies an even more central part of the health-care landscape." Registered nurses must have a nursing license issued by the state in which they work. They consist of a short collection of bullet points that capture the novel results of your research as well as new methods that were used during the study (if any). Any further information, if known (DOI, author names, dates, reference to a source publication, etc. Please visit the website to find out more. Journal of Holistic Nursing requires all authors to acknowledge their funding in a consistent fashion under a separate heading. Epub 2015 Sep 9. Increasing the capacity of public health nursing to strengthen the public health infrastructure and to promote and protect the health of communities and populations. Corresponding authors will receive an e-mail with a link to our online proofing system, allowing annotation and correction of proofs online. To request such a change, the Editor must receive the following from the corresponding author: (a) the reason for the change in author list and (b) written confirmation (e-mail, letter) from all authors that they agree with the addition, removal or rearrangement. Other requirements for licensing, such as passing a criminal background check, vary by state. • Please note that individual figure files larger than 10 MB must be provided in separate source files. Copyright Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete a 'Journal Publishing Agreement' (see more information on this). Authors who feel their English language manuscript may require editing to eliminate possible grammatical or spelling errors and to conform to correct scientific English may wish to use the English Language Editing service available from Elsevier's Author Services. Appendices If there is more than one appendix, they should be identified as A, B, etc. Please check the relevant section in this Guide for Authors for more details. A caption should comprise a brief title (not on the figure itself) and a description of the illustration. Formats Regardless of the application used, when your electronic artwork is finalized, please 'save as' or convert the images to one of the following formats (note the resolution requirements for line drawings, halftones, and line/halftone combinations given below): EPS (or PDF): Vector drawings. In the case of addition or removal of authors, this includes confirmation from the author being added or removed.Only in exceptional circumstances will the Editor consider the addition, deletion or rearrangement of authors after the manuscript has been accepted. The Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) will consider for review articles previously available as preprints. Sign in to view your account details and order history. Research data refers to the results of observations or experimentation that validate research findings. • Editorial Policies BEFORE YOU BEGIN. Indicate all affiliations with a lower-case superscript letter immediately after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address. Submission Our online submission system guides you stepwise through the process of entering your article details and uploading your files. Guide for Authors. Formatting requirements There are no strict formatting requirements but all data based manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to convey your manuscript, for example Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Findings, Discussions, Artwork and Tables with Captions. Concise and informative. Online proof correction To ensure a fast publication process of the article, we kindly ask authors to provide us with their proof corrections within two days. Formatting of funding sources List funding sources in this standard way to facilitate compliance to funder's requirements: Funding: This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA [grant number zzzz]; and the United States Institutes of Peace [grant number aaaa]. Looking for an author or a specific volume/issue? Accessed January 6, 2016 Reference to a dataset:[dataset] Oguro, M., Imahiro, S., Saito, S., & Nakashizuka, T. (2015). The corresponding caption should be placed directly below the figure or table. Citation in text Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). We would like to ask you for a moment of your time to fill in a short questionnaire, at the end of your visit. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revision, is sent by e-mail. The journal publishes original manuscripts focusing on nursing theory development and guided practice, and quantitative and qualitative research related to existing nursing frameworks. Only if specifically requested by the journal in exceptional circumstances (for example if a legal issue arises) the author must provide copies of the consents or evidence that such consents have been obtained. If you decide to participate, a new browser tab will open so you can complete the survey after you have completed your visit to this website. Reference to a book: Strunk, W., Jr., & White, E. B. ), Introduction to the electronic age (pp. Longman (Chapter 4). Integrating the Social Determinants of Health into Nursing Practice: Nurses' Perspectives Janice Phillips PhD, RN, CENP, FAAN, Angelique Richard PhD, RN, CENP, Karen M. Mayer PhD, MHA, RN, NEA‐BC, FACHE, Mary Shilkaitis MSN, MBA, RN, NEA‐BC, FACHE, Louis F. Fogg PhD, Hugh Vondracek MSc Mortality data for Japanese oak wilt disease and surrounding forest compositions. Elsevier supports responsible sharing Find out how you can share your research published in Elsevier journals. Reference style Text: Citations in the text should follow the referencing style used by the American Psychological Association. Ensure that the e-mail address is given and that contact details are kept up to date by the corresponding author.• Present/permanent address. Here you will find everything from Frequently Asked Questions to ways to get in touch.You can also check the status of your submitted article or find out when your accepted article will be published. Please supply 'stills' with your files: you can choose any frame from the video or animation or make a separate image. To avoid unnecessary errors you are strongly advised to use the 'spell-check' and 'grammar-check' functions of your word processor. Subdivision - unnumbered sections Divide your article into clearly defined sections. Illustration services Elsevier's Author Services offers Illustration Services to authors preparing to submit a manuscript but concerned about the quality of the images accompanying their article. Number all pages of the manuscript (including reference list, tables, and figure legends) in the upper right-hand corner of the page, beginning with the title page. The address at which the author actually did the work must be retained as the main, affiliation address. All instructions for proofing will be given in the e-mail we send to authors, including alternative methods to the online version and PDF.We will do everything possible to get your article published quickly and accurately. References in a special issue Please ensure that the words 'this issue' are added to any references in the list (and any citations in the text) to other articles in the same Special Issue. Give the complete mailing address, business and home telephone numbers, fax number, and e-mail address of the author to whom correspondence and galley proofs should be directed. The author(s) will be asked to review copy-edited manuscripts online. Many word processors build footnotes into the text, and this feature may be used. Please visit to submit your manuscript electronically.. First time corresponding authors will need to register in the system to obtain a user ID and Password. Heliyon, 19, Article e00205. One author has been designated as the corresponding author with contact details:• E-mail address• Full postal address. The manuscript must be the sole intellectual property of authors of the paper. She served as co-chair of the group of authors of the Policy Brief in Nursing Outlook. Please check carefully before replying, as inclusion of any subsequent corrections cannot be guaranteed.

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