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DECEMBER 5, 2020

volume of a blue whale

Human shouting is 70 decibels; sounds over 120 decibels are painful to human ears. These magnificent marine mammals rule the oceans at up to 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Does General and Special relativity apply to quantum mechanics? The blue whales in the Antarctic are usually larger than the other subspecies of the blue whale. The primary and preferred diet of blue whales is krilltiny shrimp-like animals. In instances of very high krill density (4.5 kg/m 3), each bite provides the whale Favorite Answer. The wheel attached to a bicycle has a diameter of .59 m.If the wheel makes 7 rotations in a second, how fast is the cyclist traveling. AvD = 0.85 g/cm^3 = 850kg/m^3. In total, 41 blue whales have been photo-identified from South Georgia between 2011 and 2020, although none of these matched the 517 whales in the current Antarctic blue whale … The animal can then reduce the volume of the laryngeal sac, which compresses the air and increases the pressure. The largest blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) that scientists have measured was 98 feet (30 m) long, though in 1909 a whaling station reported the capture of a big blue measuring over 110 feet (34 m). The weight of its penis varies between 390 to 990 pounds. The blue whale has been called the sulfur-bottom whale because of the yellowish underside of some individuals that is reminiscent of the pale yellow colour of that chemical element; this coloration is imparted by certain algae (diatoms) living on the whale’s body. Haven't done this in years, but it's all in the conversions... Mass = 1.9*10^5 kg = 190,000kg. Females are generally larger than males, and the largest animals live in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. Most blue whales migrate to cold waters to find food and to warmer waters to breed. The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is the largest baleen whale and the largest animal that ever lived on Earth. That’s about 40 million krill every day! The Evasive Behavior of Blue Whales Observations of a tagged blue whale show that it may have learned to avoid ships. A single adult blue may consume as much as eight tons of krill per day. The blue whale is much louder than a jet, which reaches only 140 decibels! The largest accurately measured blue whale was a 29.5-metre female that weighed 180 metric tons (nearly 200 short [U.S.] tons), but there are reports of 33-metre catches that … The testicles of the blue whale can weigh between 100 to 150 pounds or more. Some of the biggest individuals may eat up to 6 tons of krill in 1 day. The size of a whale's testicles and penis vary depending on the animal's size and genetic factors. It is weaned after around six months. A Question of Testicular Volume . This difference could be down to different populations (there are different subspecies of blue whale that vary significantly in size, for instance), and could also be related whaling. One of the most striking differences between nervous systems is their size (measured as weight or volume) – the brain of a blue whale weighs up to 9 kg while that of a locust weighs less than a gram (Figure 5). Fish and copepods (tiny crustaceans) may occasionally be part of the blue wha… The blue whale has a wide head, a small dorsal fin located near the fluke, and 80–100 long grooves running lengthwise down the throat and chest. The whales - the largest animals on the planet - filter the krill they eat from these huge watery mouthfuls. Blue whale, ( Balaenoptera musculus ), also called sulfur-bottom whale, the most massive animal ever to have lived, a species of baleen whale that weighs approximately 150 tons and may attain a length of more than 30 metres (98 feet). Only the best quizmasters will finish it. Assuming that its average density was 0.85 g/cm^3, as has been measured for other blue whales, what was the volume of the whale in cubic meters? A ball rolls from position a to position B in 15.0 seconds. A blue whale calf can drink 250 litres of its mother's milk every day. A blue whale's mouth cavity is so vast and stretchy that it can engulf a volume of water equivalent to its own body mass, say scientists. The blue whale circulatory system is quiet amazing. Specimen measurements indicate that a blue whale measuring 21.6 metres (71 ft) in length had a vestigial mammary slit of 40.6 centimetres (16.0 in) width and 48.2 centimetres (19.0 in) length, with a penis measurement of 1.83 metres (6.0 ft). See more ideas about Blue whale, Whale, Cetacean. Young are weaned after seven to eight months, when they have reached a length of about 15 metres (about 49 feet). Pleats and thank you Blue whales grow to be 80 feet (25 m) long on average and are long and missile-shaped with a very small dorsal fin and long, thin flippers. (average density is the ratio of mass to volume). They live individually or in very small pods (groups). The lunge feeding of blue whales is an extraordinary biomechanical event in which the largest animal on Earth accelerates and opens its mouth under water, expanding its enormous throat pouch to engulf a huge volume of water, then filtering out its prey (small crustaceans called krill) by forcing the water through sieve-like baleen plates. A small child can actually crawl through the veins and arteries. They Have Big Hearts. The real size of a blue whales heart is about the size of a VW bug. While nursing, calves gain up to 90 kg (about 198 pounds) per day on the rich milk of their mothers. Blue whales can be found in all of our planet’s oceans, except the Arctic, usually swimming alone or … Feb 7, 2020 - Explore Gloria Shih's board "Whales-Blue whale" on Pinterest. The average length of a blue whale's penis is 8 to 10 feet with a diameter ranging from 1 to 18 feet. To do so, the whale can close off the passage between the laryngeal sac and the lungs, trapping a certain amount of air in the laryngeal sac. The mechanism behind modern whale migration is debated. The blue whale's heart is huge. So the volume would be 190,000kg/850kg/m^3 = 223.5m^3. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. A blue whale has a mass of 1.9*10^5 kg. For instance, Trites and Pauly (1998) estimate the mean mass for female blue whales to be 110,126 kg and for male blue whales to be 95,347 kg, for a gender-neutral mean of 102,736.5 kg. The heart of one blue whale was recorded at nearly 700 kg (about 1,500 pounds). Blue whales are the largest animals ever to live on our planet. It's the largest heart in the animal kingdom, … It stands to reason that their reproductive organs ought to be similarly massive, and that is undoubtedly the case. Blue whale, (Balaenoptera musculus), also called sulfur-bottom whale, the most massive animal ever to have lived, a species of baleen whale that weighs approximately 150 tons and may attain a length of more than 30 metres (98 feet). If we take the example of our 25 m blue whale, one can simply multiply the volume of engulfed water (80 m 3) by the prey density to obtain the quantity of krill ingested. The mouth of the blue whale contains a row of plates that are fringed with ‘baleen’, which are similar … -? The lower surfaces of the flippers are lighter gray or white in some instances. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Authored by by Chris Baraniuk Wordcount March 11, 2020 | 700 words, about 3 minutes Share this article. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, blue whale - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), blue whale - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up), International Union for Conservation of Nature. The largest dinosaur ever discovered, the Argentinosaurus, weighed a measly 100 tons (about 220,000 lbs.).

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