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Volume 10, No. 2 October 2016

Chief Editor:

Dr. Ajai

(Address for Correspondence: SAC Ahmedabad 380015),



1. Conceptualization and development of Sericulture Information Linkages and Knowledge System (SILKS)

P.S. Singh, B.K. Handique, D. Chutia, P.T. Das, J. Goswami, C. Goswami, C.J. Prabhakar, K. Dhanraj and P.L.N. Raju 108

2. Iterative deconvolution approach for high resolution satellite imagery

Chandan Trivedi, Shilpa Prakash, Devesh Jinwala and B.Kartikeyan ? 115

3. Drainage Morphometry of the Dhasan River basin, Bundelkhand Craton, Central India; Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique

K. Prakash, T. Mohanty, S. Singh, K. Chaubey and P. Prakash 121?

4. Automated Extraction of rooftop for estimating Photovoltaic Energy Potential: Case of Bhopal City, Madhya Pradesh, India

Kakoli Saha

5. Temporal dimensions in rice crop hyperspectral profiles

Christos G. Karydas 140

6. Comparative study of distributed search protocols used in distributed geospatial systems

Sreeja Suresh and Sameer Saran 149

7. Application of Remote Sensing to assess environmental impact of limestone mining in the Ariyalur District of Tamilnadu, India

G. Sarath Kumar and A. Nallapa Reddy 158

8. Vicarious calibration of resource Sat-2 LISS-III and Landsat 8 OLI sensor satellite data

G.D. Bairagi, Sandhya Raikwar, V.N. Sridhar, Shweta Sharma, R.P. Prajapati and A.K. Shukla, P.K. Verma, R. Sharma and Aloke Mathur 164

9. Geomatics for assessing impact of water resources development; A case study of Bhukhi watershed (5H2B5), Kachchhdistrict, Gujarat, India

S. V. Nimavat, A. K. Sharma, M. S. Gadhavi and A. S. Rajawat 172

10. NeQuick2 model for single-frequency ionospheric delay mitigation

Ashraf Farah 179

11. Site Suitability analysis for calibration of RISAT-1 SAR Sensor using point targets

A M Shukla, Mihir Rambhia, P R Patel, Gautam Dadhich and Shweta Sharma 187

12. A novel geospatial approach for identifying optimal sites for setting-up of mobile telecom towers strategically

Victor Saikhom, Dibyajyoti Chutia, Puyum Subhash Sing, P.L.N. Raju and S. Sudhakar 192

13. Predicting urban sprawl for Rajkot City using SLEUTH model and GIS techniques

Shaily R. Gandhi, Shashikant A. Sharma and Anjana Vyas 199

14. Monitoring and assessment of desertification using satellite remote sensing

P.S.Dhinwa, A Dasgupta and Ajai 210

15. 3D Modeling of subsurface utilities using ground penetrating radar data

Arnab Dutta, Sameer Saran 217