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Volume 6, No. 2 October 2012

Chief Editor:

Dr. Ajai

Address for Correspondence: SAC Ahmedabad 380 015



1.Environmental monitoring of vegetation cover at Kalpakkam through NDVI approach

M. Sankar Ram, C. Anandan and P. Sasidhar

2.Klobuchar model for ionospheric delay correction in Saudi Arabia

Ashraf Farah

3.Fuzzy logic model for desertification vulnerability risk assessment – A case study, district Bellary, Karnataka

Arunima Dasgupta, K .L.N. Sastry, P.S. Dhinwa, S.K. Pathan and M.S. Nathawat

4.Monitoring of vegetation using multi-sensor temporal satellite data

R.K. Chingkhei and Arun Kumar

5.Modeling of spatio-temporal dynamics of land use land cover ? a review and assessment

M. Surabuddin Mondal, Nayan Sharma, Martin Kappas and P. K. Garg

6.Quantitative morphometric analysis of Bilrai watershed, Shivpuri district, Madhya Prades using remote sensing and GIS

D.D. Sinha , S.N. Mohapatra and Padmini Pani

7.Web-GIS based monitoring of vegetation using NDVI profiles

Shashikant A. Sharma and Shweta Mishra

8.Geo-spatial technology based landslide vulnerability assessment and zonation in Sikkim Himalayas in India

L.P. Sharma, Nilanchal Patel, M.K. Ghose and P. Debnath

9.Inventory and change detection of wetlands in Barak Valley, Northeast India: A remote Sensing and GIS approach

Anwarul Alam Laskar and Parag Phukon

10.Chlorophyll variability in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal during last decade (1997 ? 2007)

M. Shah, N. Chaturvedi, Y. T. Jasrai and Ajai

11.Development of 3D rural geospatial database using high resolution satellite images, GIS, total station and GPS

Y. Navatha, K. Venkata Reddy, Deva Pratap, D.C Prashanth Babu and A. Jayatheja

12.Development of Coastal Zone Information Systems (CZIS) using ARC objects

Aviral Kulshreshtha, H.B. Chauhan, Rajnikant J. Bhanderi and Anjana Vyas

13.Implications and risks of technology change in the geomatics curriculum

Obade Vincent de Paul and Ogenga Anyango Masela