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Volume 10, No. 1 April 2016

Chief Editor:

Dr. Ajai

Address for Correspondence: SAC Ahmedabad 380015



1. Flood hazard zoning using analytic hierarchy process: A case study for Pampa river basin, Kerala, India

N.A. Mayaja and C.V. Srinivasa 1

2. Performance evaluation of dimensionality reduction techniques on CHRIS hyperspectral data for surface discrimination

Veeramallu Satya Sahithi and Iyyanki V Murali Krishna

3. Accuracy evaluation for online Precise Point Positioning services

Ashraf Farah

4. REIS: A spatial decision system for land valuation

Himanshu Deshmukh, Rupali Khare, Kamal Pandey and Dheeraj Kumar

5.Unfolding the time relationship of structural events through Landsat data: A case study
from Khandia formation, Champaner group, Gujarat

M.A. Limaye 24

6.Runoff estimation from a tributary of lower Tapi basin using SCS-CN method integrated with remote sensing and GIS data

Sudhakar B. Sharma, Anupam K. Singh and Ajay S. Rajawat

7.Change detection on the Volta river due to the construction of the Kpong dam using remote sensing techniques

E.M. Osei Jnr, A.S. Amoah, B.E.K. Prah, F.K. Anyah and K.A. Addo-Gyan 36

8.An objective method for detecting night time fog using MODIS data over northern India

Sasmita Chaurasia and B.S. Gohil 40

9.Morphometric changes of the Varuna river basin, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh

K. Prakash, S. Singh and U.K. Shukla

10.Malaria-risk assessment using geographical information system and remote sensing in Mecha district, West Gojjam, Ethiopia

Emebet Dessalegne, K.V. Suryabhagavan and M. Balakrishnan

11.Object based classification techniques for citrus orchards

Kadapala Bharath Kumar Reddy, J. Mohammed Ahamed, R. Hebbara, Uday Raj and Rama Rao

12.Evaluation of predictive ability of support vector machines and naive Bayes trees methods for spatial prediction of landslides in Uttarakhand state (India) using GIS

Binh Thai Pham, DieuTien Bui, Indra Prakash and M.B. Dholakia 71

13. Early estimation of crop sown area by integrating multi-source data

D. Ram Rajak, Rajesh K. Jain and Shibendu S. Ray 80

14Formosat-2 with Landsat-8 temporal – multispectral data for wheat crop identification using Hypertangent Kernel based Possibilistic classifier

Rohit Nandan, Ankit Kamboj, Anil Kumar, A. Senthil Kumar and K. Venkata Reddy 89

15Crime mapping analysis of Ajmer city -A GIS approach

Ravi Sharma, Sarvesh Palria and Parul Bhalla

16On the quality of orthometric correction determination

Raaed Mohamed Kamel Hassouna