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Volume 12, No. 2 October 2018

Chief Editor: Dr. A.S. Rajawat
(Address for Correspondence: Group Director, Geosciences, Hydrology, Cryosphere Sciences & Applications Group, Space Applications
Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad – 380 015, India)
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  1. Assessment of the forest cover change in the Forest-Savannah transitional zone, Ghana between 1990 – 2013 using remote sensing and GIS
    A. B. Owusu and F. Essandoh-Yeddu
  2. Hydrochemical characterization and ground water quality assessment over Southern Kashmir using Geographic Information System (GIS)
    M. Rafiq, M. S. Gull, A. K. Mishra and K. S. Rawat
  3. Geo-spatial approach for mapping of field measurement books in Andhra Pradesh: a case study
    Ch. T. Babu, L. Sneha, M. H. Krishna and K. V. Ramana
  4. Estimation of changes in ice thickness of Chhota Shigri glacier, Himachal Pradesh using DGPS and SRTM derived elevation profiles
    R. M. Brahmbhatt, R. Agrawal, B. P. Rathore, I. M. Bahuguna and A.S. Rajawat
  5. Development of an automated tool in GIS for generating action plans to combat desertification/land degradation
    R. J. Bhanderi, S. A. Sharma and A. S. Rajawat
  6. Spatio-temporal distribution and identification of Encephalitis disease hotspots: A case study of Gorakhpur Tehsil, Uttar Pradesh, India
    N. Tyagi, S. Sahoo and L. Shukla
  7. Gridded Temperature generation using INSAT – Land Surface Temperature data and India Meteorological Department temperature data for Indian region
    U. Gupta, P. K. Patel, S. Surati and M. Oza
  8. Site suitability analysis for establishing soil and water conservation structures using Geoinformatics – A case study of Chinnar watershed, Tamil Nadu, India
    T. Lohar, K. Balasubramani and B. Bhatt
  9. Suitability analysis for siting oil and gas filling stations using multi-criteria decision analysis and GIS approach – A case study in Tarkwa and its environs
    M. S. Peprah, C. B. Boye, E. K. Larbi and P. O. Appau
  10. Land use and land cover change detection through spatial approach: A case study of Mangaluru Taluk, Karnataka
    S. S. Anchan, A. Shetty, H. G. Bhat and M. Chadaga
  11. Comparison  of  Global  Geoid  Models  Against  the  GPS/Levelling-Derived  Geoid Heights in Tanzani
    J. Gwaleba
  12. enSVM: A classification framework using ensemble of SVMs
    Sharma, D. Chutia, D. Baruah, J. Goswami, U. Baruah, and P.L.N. Raju