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Volume 8, No. 2 October 2014

Chief Editor:

Dr. Ajai

Address for Correspondence: SAC Ahmedabad 380 015


1.Image quality assessment of RISAT-1 SAR using trihedral corner reflectors in different beams

Maneesha Gupta, Anuja Sharma and B. Kartikeyan 130

2.Landslide modelling and analysis using remote sensing and GIS: A case study of Cameron highland, Malaysia

Ismail Elmahdy Samy, Maged Mamoud Marghany and Mohamed Mostafa Mohameda 140

3.Mouza map updating by high resolution satellite images and GIS

Anirudha Paul 148

4.Re-engineering DEM to extract geomorphologic parameters for flood prediction in Ghana:

George Owusu 153

5.Fusion of ascending and descending pass high resolution SAR data

R Chandrakanth, J. Saibaba, Geeta Varadan and P. Ananth Raj 164

6.Structural foot prints extraction from rocks of Lunawada region, Gujarat through IRS LISS III data

Aditya Joshi, M.A. Limaye and Bhushan S. Deota 170

7.Towards the expansion of orthometric correction in spherical harmonics

Raaed Mohamed Kamel Hassouna 174

8.Building subsidence estimation using PSInSAR technique: Case study of Mumbai city

Shweta Sharma, Y.S. Rao and Ajai 181

9.Multitemporal remote sensing of landscape dynamics and pattern change in Dire district, southern Ethiopia

Berhanu Keno and K.V. Suryabhagavan 189

10.Swarm intelligence inspired classifiers: A case study with remote sensing perspective

Shashi Kumar and Prafull Singh 195

11.Drainage basin analysis for characterization of 3rd order watersheds using Geographic Information System (GIS) and ASTER data

V. Anantha Rama 200

12.Monitoring rabi crop area using multi-year MODIS data: A case study of Gujarat, India

Neha Sharma. D. Ram Rajak. R.K. Jain, Sarvesh Palria and J.S. Parihar 211

13.Enhancing object boundaries by subpixel mapping of satellite image

Arun Kumar Rai and Kamal Jain 216

14.Satellite visibility analysis for selecting optimal ground site based on simulated annealing algorithm

M.I. Doma, Y.A. Faried, A.A. Sharkawi and M.T. Azmi

15.Analyzing fluvial hydrological estimates and flood geomorphology from channel dimensions using ASTER DEM, GIS and statistics in the controlled Damodar river, India

Sandipan Ghosh and Sanat Kumar GuchhaitSoma Sarkar and Seema M. Parihar232

16.AltiKa backscatter coefficient variation over land

Nilima Rani Chaube, B.K. Singh and Dhaval G. Patel 246