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Volume 3, No. 1 April 2009

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1. Urban environment quality assessment by boolean approach

C. Jeganathan, Yogita Rawat, K. Ram Mohan Rao,P.L.N. Raju and V.K. Dadhwal

2. Water area extraction using geo-coded high resolution imagery ofTerra SAR-X Radar Satellite in Cloud Prone BrahmaputraRiver Valley

Md. Surabuddin Mondal, Nayan Shrama, P.K. Garg,Bettina Bohm, Wolfgang-Albert Flugel, R.D. Garg and R.P. Singh

3. Application of Remote Sensing & GIS for land slides hazardand assessment of their probabilistic occurrence A casestudty of NH31A between Rangpo and Singtam

Mousumi Gupta, M.K. Ghose and L.P. Sharma

4. Target separability analysis for Resourcesat-1 AWiFS data

Rimjhim Bhatnagar Singh, Anjum Mahtab and Ajai

5. Use of remote sensing and GIS technology for landslidehazard mapping using ANN

Saied Pirastech, Sirous Radkya, Nitin K. Thripathi,Biswajeet Pradhan, Shattri Mansour, Mohammad Firuz Ramli S

6. Landscapes rendition in zagros mountain, Iran using informationtechnology

Prabhu, S.S. Ramakrishnan and R. Vidhya

7. Investigation of Rainfall Runoff modeling of the Ashticatchment by SCS curve number using remote sensing and GIS

B. Veeranna, I.V. Murlikrishna, N.L. Bhavani and E.G. Rajan