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Volume. 9, No. 1 April 2015

Chief Editor:

Dr. Ajai

Addressfor Correspondence: SAC Ahmedabad 380 015



1.A proposed weighted sum algorithm for assessing orthometric correction

Raaed Mohamed Kamel Hassouna 1

2.Open source GIS and cloud computing technology for the power distribution system

Prashant Persai and Sunil Kumar Katiyar 10

3.Feature extraction of hyperspectral imaging data using texture analysis

Rimjhim Bhatnagar Singh, S.S. Ray and A.C. Sharma 19

4.Landslide hazard zonation in Ada Berga district, central Ethiopia A GIS based statistical approach

Fikre Girma, Tarun Kumar Raghuvanshi, Tenalem Ayenew and Trufat Hailemariam 25

5.Remote sensing and GIS based modeling for wind erosion assessment in parts of Indian Thar deser

Koyel Sur, Rimjhim B. Singh, A.S. Arya, Prakash Chauhan and Ajai 39

6.Assessment of SAR polarimetric decompositions for land cover studies

Bindi P. Shastri1, R.L. Mehta2, S. Mohan3 and Anjana Vyas1 48

7.Sensitivity of pixel-based classifiers to training sample size in case of high resolution satellite imagery

M.L. Doma, M.S. Gomaa and R.A. Amer 53

8.Area estimation of paddy stubble burning in ten major paddy growing districts of Haryana, India using geo-informatics

Manoj Yadav, R. Prawasi, Satyawan, Pooja Rana, Kiran Kumari, Shyam Lal, Karamdeep, Siddharth and R.S. Hooda 59

9.A linear regression relation between photogrammetric absolute orientation accuracy and ground control distribution

Ismat M. Elhassan 66

10.Urban growth analysis using Shannon entropy A case study of Rajkot city (Gujarat)

Shaily Raju Gandhi, Shashikant A. Sharma and Anjana Vyas 72

11.Estimation of phenological parameters using remote sensing derived high temporal LAI data: A case study of forest region in central India

S. Punalekar, P.K. Gupta, M.P. Oza, R.P. Singh and A. Sonakia 77

12.Multi-criteria evaluation in identification of potential ecotourism sites in Hawassa town and its surroundings, Ethiopia

K.V. Suryabhagavan, Hailegebreal Tamirat and M. Balakrishinan 86

13.Comparing modelled Arctic sea ice trend with remotely sensed estimates

D. Ram Rajak, Neeraj Agarwal, P. Jayaprasad, R.K. Kamaljit Singh, Sandip R. Ozaand Rashmi Sharma 93

14.Multitemporal remote sensing analysis of land cover features evolution in central Ethiopia region

Clement Nyamekye, Zereyohannes Girma and Amos John Kwamena 99

15.An interoperable framework for metadata catalogue repository to access groundwater datasets using open source technology

Hariom Singh and R.D. Garg 107

16.Accuracy Assessment Study of GLONASS-based Precise Point Positioning

Ashraf Farah 115

17.Flood hazard zonation based on basin morphometry using remote sensing and GIS techniques: A case study of Tungabhadra and Hagari river subcatchments in North-East Karnataka, India

D.C. Lingadevaru, Govindaraju and P.D. Jayakumar 122

18.Geoinformatics technique in mapping of lithology and geomorphological landforms in precambrian rocks of Kollegal Shear Zone (KSZ), southern Karnataka, India

H.T. Basavarajappa, S. Dinakar, M.V. Satish, D. Nagesh and M.C. Manjunatha 129