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Volume 13, No. 2 October 2019

Chief Editor: Dr. A.S. Rajawat
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Journal of Geomatics

(A Publication of the Indian Society of Geomatics)

Vol. 13. No. 2                                            Research articles                                                                 October 2019

Sr. No. Name Page No.
1 A decision based approach to develop action plans for land degradation neutrality using geospatial techniques in a semi-arid region of India
Sujatha  G.,  Tarik  Mitran,  Kimeera  Tummala,  Janaki  Rama  Suresh  K.  G.,  Fyzee  M.  A., Sreenivas K. and Ravisankar, T.
2 Route alignment planning in hilly terrain using geospatial technology: A case study in parts of Arunachal Pradesh, India 
M. Somorjit Singh, Victor Saikhom, P.L.N. Raju and Siva Shankar Prasad
3 Development of a Web-GIS based system for safer ship navigation in Antarctic region using open source technologies 
Ujjwal K. Gupta, Purvee Joshi, Pankaj Bodani, Sandip R. Oza, D. Ram Rajak and MarkandOza
4 Spatio-temporal analysis of land use and land cover changes in the Little Andaman Island, Andaman, India using geospatial techniques
Manik Mahapatra, Sridhar R. and Badarees K. O.
5 Assessment of GPS, GLONASS and GPS+GLONASS processing solutions at different baseline lengths
Abdallah Ahmad Saad and Khaled Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Special Section: Selected papers of National Symposium on Advancements in
Geospatial Technology for Societal Benefits, Dec 03-07, 2018, Ahmedabad (Part-2)

Sr. No. Name Page No.
1 Use of transportation network analysis for bus stop relocation, depiction of service area and bus route details
Subham Kharel, P. Shivananda, K. S. Ramesh, K. Naga Jothi and K. Ganesha Raj
2 Disease control and combat mapping for tribal fortification using GIS –a case study for selected tribal blocks of Rayagada district, Odisha
P. K. Panda, M.L.Narasimham, I.V.Muralikrishna and Sangeeta Sahu
3 Forecasting and visualization of NDVI series using statistical methods through Web-GIS
Ujjwal K. Gupta, Vidit Shah and Markand P. Oza
4 Evaluation and quality monitoring of SCATSAT-1 scan mode data
Maneesha Gupta, Anuja Sharma, B. Kartikeyan
5 Deployment of blood bank information system in Delhi NCT using web mapping application
Anasua Chakraborty, Kankana Chakraborty and Saurav Sengupta
6 3D Volumetric change analysis in urban areas
Kriti Rastogi, A. P. Prathiba and Gaurav V. Jain
7 Carbon stock assessment in different land use sectors of Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh using geospatial approach
Bordoloi R, Das B, Yam G, Deka S, Tripathi OP
8 Hyperspectral subspace identification using eigen values
Dharambhai Shah and Tanish Zaveri
9 Concrete volume loss calculation of structures using Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS)
S.K.P. Kushwaha, Hina Pande and S. Raghavendra
10 Performance evaluation of a newly in-house developed in-situ soil moisture sensor with standard industrial sensors and gravimetric sampling
Harsh Agrawal, Abhishek Dubey, Nikita Tiwari, Dharmendra Kumar Pandey, Deepak Putrevu, Arundhati Misra
11 Tidal effects on bio-optical variability in Gulf of Khambhat using ocean colour monitoron-board Oceansat-2
Rimjhim Bhatnagar Singh, Prakash Chauhan and Mini Raman
12 Influence of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a on the distribution of particulate organic carbon in the southwest Bay of Bengal
Priyanka Kandasamy, Ranjit Kumar Sarangi, Saravanakumar Ayyappan, Deepraj Allimuthu,Shanthi Ramalingam and Poornima Durairaj
13 Surveying and mapping of Gandhinagar city using IRNSS/NAVIC system
Jayrajsinh D. Jadeja and P.R Patel
14 Development of Oceansat-2 OCM Data Cube over Indian Subcontinent
Tushar Shukla, Sampa Roy and Debajyoti Dhar
15 Lichenology and geomatics for monitoring air pollution and climate change impacts
Rajesh Bajpai, C. P. Singh, T. S. Rana, D. K. Upreti