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Volume 8, No. 1 April 2014

Chief Editor:

Dr. Ajai

Address for Correspondence: SAC Ahmedabad 380 015



1.Web GIS application for customized tourist information system for Eastern U. P., India

Nutan Tyagi 01

2.Accuracy of satellite image rectification using PPP-GPS versus DGPS

Ashraf Farah 7

3.OBCsvmFS: Object-Based Classification supported by Support Vector Machine Feature Selection approach for hyperspectral data

D. Chutia, D.K. Bhattacharyya, R. Kalita and S. Sudhakar 12

4.Flood estimation using advance geospatial tools

R.K. Suryawanshi, S.S. Gedam and R.N. Sankhua 17

5.FASALSoft – An ISRO software framework for crop production forecast using remote sensing data analysis

S. Manthira Moorthi, M.P. Oza, Indranil Misra, Rajdeep K. Gambhir, N.P. Darji, Shikha Sharma, D.K. Jain, D. Dhar, Kirti Padia, R. Ramakrishnan, S. Chowdhury and J. S. Parihar 25

6.Classification of time series NDVI for the assessment of land cover change in Ghana using NOAA/AVHRR data:

C. Nyamekye, E.M. Osei Jnr. and A. Oseitutu 32

7.Spatial analysis of Indian summer monsoon rainfall

Markand Oza and C.M. Kishtawal 41

8.Application of GPS in structural deformation monitoring: A case study on Koyna dam

Nisha Radhakrishnan 47

9.Onboard data processing for Thermal-IR Imaging Spectrometer (TIS)

Pradeep Soni, Kranti Ghosh Gautam, Jalshri Desai, Sandip Paul and A. Roy Chowdhury 54

10.Impact of accumulation area ratio on glacial change: a few examples of Jammu and Kashmir

Rupal M. Brahmbhatt, H.C. Nainwal and A.V. Kulkarni 60

11.Use of heuristic methods for finding the condition that satisfies the desired precision criteria at minimal cost

M.I. Doma and A.A. Sedeek 65

12.Optimum Site Identification for Automatic Weather Stations using Delaunay

Charu Kulshrestha,Sangeeta Shukla, Akhilesh Upadhyay, Shashikant A. Sharma and Shard Chander 72

13.Prediction of water demand and water storage capacity of municipal system by using geospatial techniques

Arun Patel and S.K. Katiyar 77

14.Flood risk prediction using DEM and GIS as applied to Wijj Valley, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Ismat M. El Hassan, Dafer A. Algarni and Fahad M. Dalbouh 85

15.Mapping of cropping pattern of east Kolkata wetland area using multi-temporal satellite data

Soma Sarkar and Seema M. Parihar 89

16.Potential of CartoDEM in disaster management

Anuja Sharma and B. Kartikeyan 95

17.Impact of opencast limestone mining on groundwater in Katni river watershed, Madhya Pradesh, India A geoinformatics approach

Devanu Bhatnagar, Sandeep Goyal, Sanjay Tignath and D.K. Deolia 101

18.Orthometric correction for trigonometric leveled heights

Raaed Mohamed Kamel Hassouna 107

19.Landslide hazard zonation of Saiha town, Mizoram, India using high resolution satellite data

R.K. Lallianthanga and F. Lalbiakmawia 111

20.Integration of geology, drainage and lineament on suitable landfill sites selection and environmental appraisal around Mysore city, Karnataka, India through remote sensing and GIS

H.T. Basavarajappa, Tazdari Parviz, M.C. Manjunatha and A. Balasubramanian 119

21.Monitoring long-term morphological changes of Narmada estuary using remote sensing and GIS techniques

M. Mahapatra, R. Ramakrishnan and A.S. Rajawat 125